We are very proud…

Many of you will recognise the young man below but he normally wears a shirt when he’s working on the shop floor… However, Peter Cotter (son of owners Joe & Norma) will be wearing a very different uniform from Thursday as he has been called up to the squad for the Ireland Paralympic team to play in the CP 7-a-side football !

Peter, all here in Household Linens wish you and the rest of the squad the very best of luck and all we can say is “give ’em hell” !!!

Summer’s sliding slowly by…


As we come in to the August weekend, once more we wonder how time has slid us by… The excitement of the Euros in June is already a hazy memory and it won’t be long ’til thoughts turn to books & uniforms and college timetables and all that those entailūüė¶ There are some things we can still be happy about though !

13754245_1438097509539482_2710204494327985427_nThis year marks the anniversary of our 39th. Annual Summer Sale and we continue to be grateful for the very loyal customers and friends we have made since first opening at 11 Princes St. back in 1977. Sadly, many of our neighbours from those days such as the “Emerald China & Glass Centre”, “Oldens Family Butchers”, “O’Connors Shoes” and others are no longer in business but we are fortunate to have new neighbours in Oliver Plunkett St. such as Elvery Sports who will cater for all things fitness & leisure wise while MarcCain across the road from us will help all you ladies to look in tip-top shape! Of course, they join our other neighbours in Fran & Jane, Sheena’s Boutique, Rococo, & Olori to make this end of Oliver Plunkett St. the “must go to” destination for all you fashionistas !

For our own part, we continue to try and bring you great quality at great prices… We have two designs in the “Christy” collection at 50% off and they really do have the WOW factor!

Both designs are fully dressed on beds inside the shop so why not pop in and see for yourself and feel the superb texture that has made the “Christy” name so synonymous with quality bed linen.

In other news, we are pleased to have been awarded the title of “Sleep Experts” by our supplier “The Fine Bedding Co.” whose duvets and pillows we are pleased to stock. The title is only awarded to shops who have a proven knowledge of all things sleep related and have a level of expertise above that of your average bed linen shop. Have a look at this short video and it helps explain even more why sleep is such an important part of our lives..

There’s an awful lot more to see inside if you haven’t visited for a while… The big craze in the cinemas is of course the BFG or “The Big Friendly Giant” for those of you who have never read Roald Dahl’s famous classic ! We are thrilled to have the officially licensed duvet covers in stock which come in both single & double size with pillowcase(s) included. They are quite reasonable priced as well – only ‚ā¨25.00 for the single & ‚ā¨38.00 for the double in the saleūüôā

The Big Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl) SUMMER 2016 COLLECTION

Finally, we spoke earlier of some happy, hazy memories from the Euros but let’s not forget that our very own Cork team, Cork City F.C. are still flying the flag for us in this years qualifiers for the Europa League ! Next Thursday night they travel to Belgium to take on local favourites Genk. May we wish them every success on the road and we look forward to seeing the return match in Turner’s Cross on Thursday, August 4th.


It’s Springtime – isn’t it..?

We don’t know about you – but we’re tired of the rain and we’ve had our heads down so much that two or three months passed us by while we were avoiding the downpours!¬†Indeed, the traders in Oliver Plunkett St. were very lucky to escape severe damage (again) to their premises after a series of high tides last weekend. This picture shows the road flooded outside the shop on Sunday morning.IMG_2036.JPG

All that rain reminds us that we must give a fast shout out for our friends in “Sunshine & Umbrellas” who are holding their annual fashion extravaganza on April 28th. A little bird tells us that Xpos√©¬†will be there live so get your glad rags on for what is a very worthy charity.

Of course, the other good news that Oliver Plunkett St. received was that we were awarded the title of “Great Urban Street”¬†for 2016 across Ireland AND the U.K. ! Hopefully it will lead to an increase in footfall over the coming months and shoppers will be able to enjoy the ‘boulevard’ experience in better weather than what we’re having now…

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.16.59

In Household Linens we have much to be happy about as well… New spring designs are being delivered on a weekly basis and we have had a phenomenal response to designs like “Trent” from the NAF NAF collection as well as other (even quirkier!) designs like “Daisy”.

We also have incredible value in discontinued duvet sets from the “Kirstie Allsopp” collection so do stop by if you’re in town some day.


Finally, we are coming to the end of the liquidation stock from Clery’s, the famous Dublin Dept. store… There are sheets, odd duvet covers, some curtains and hollofibre duvets & pillows so definitely your last chance to grab a bargain. We are always at the end of the phone if you’d like to ask any questions or check prices.


Getting up-to-date

We’ve been so busy the last few weeks that we hadn’t time to bring you images of all the new designs we received in the Autumn and the run up to Christmas… We’re still not 100% up-to-speed but – we’re getting there ! Have a look at the image gallery to see some of the almost 100 designs we have instore and (when it’s stopped raining) call in to pick up a bargain in our Winter Sale !

The “Spundown” duvet is also available as a mattress protector & a mattress enhancer ! – ALL REDUCED

Naturally, we also have great reductions on our duvets & pillows, especially the “Spundown” duvet that is our best seller as you can wash it at home in your own machine at 60deg. (the temperature that kills dust-mites).sale-now-on-3.gif

Sorry… We’ve been away a long time

It’s been so long since our last blog post and so much has happened since then… Lots of news and most of it good news thankfully! Of course, first & foremost, Oliver Plunkett St. were adjudicated as overall winners of the “Great Urban Street” Award for 2016 so expect an influx of visitors over the next twelve months to share in the unique ‘flavours’ of Oliver Plunkett St. !
This Autumn also saw the arrival of several consignments from the sale of Clery’s liquidation stock… Clery’s had a reputation that saw people flocking to them from all over Ireland and we have certainly seen the truth of that in the phenomenal response to the sale of bedding from their linen dept.
Right now, we’re in the middle of the “Black Friday” madness and then we’re into our own Winter Sale so you can be guaranteed that there will be exceptional value from now until the end of January.
Our image gallery needs a major update so please do contact us if you’re coming in to buy a particular item – we hope to have this resolved in the next few days.

Oliver Plunkett St. : Diversity, History, Experience, Service

Jill : shopfrontAs you will all know by now, Household Linens have been open on Oliver Plunkett St. for 25 years since the May weekend. That certainly makes some of us feel just that little bit old(er) but we’re still a long way from being the oldest business on the street… Of course, we are trading in one of the oldest surviving buildings which was originally a brass foundry in the early 1800’s. We share that history with other local buildings – did you know that the G.P.O. was the site of the original Cork Opera House ?

Thankfully, gun cartridges are no longer for sale at this address !


ILN November 23, 1867
The original Cork Opera House on the site of the present G.P.O.






So much has obviously changed but the basic fabric of the street has stayed constant. The other constant is the unique nature of the ‘Merchants’ trading on Oliver Plunkett St. and surrounds… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Over 250 businesses are currently plying their trade in and around this area and (nearly) all retain the Cork tradition of being indigenous, family owned and run. In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by multi-national conglomerates, it is this feature that gives Cork (and Oliver Plunkett St. in particular) it’s unique ‘flavour’ and ‘character’.¬†QUEEN IRL ENGLISH MARKET9What’s all this leading in to..? Well, the retail trade has suffered more than most in recent years as people, hit by the effects of the recession, have cut back on spending. A group of people have come together, led by Clodagh Daly & Valerie Finnegan-Cahill (of John Daly Opticians & Ikon Hair Style) and they have launched a new initiative aimed at revitalising this historic quarter to make it the ‘must see’ / ‘go to’ destination for shoppers. Think, if you will, of other famous streetscapes such as Chinatown or Bourbon Street or the colour of Las Ramblas…

The energy of Chinatown
The excitement of Bourbon Street
The colour of Las Ramblas


With the imminent arrival of “One Albert Quay” at the eastern end of Oliver Plunkett St. (the new office block scheduled to open in Feb. 2016 is expected to employ 1,600 people) and the “Brewery Quarter” in the old Beamish & Crawford site at the western end, Oliver Plunkett St. is ideally placed to be the main fulcrum for these projects and the potential spin-off can only be imagined.¬†That’s the vision – it’s now down to the retailers themselves who, with the backing of the City Council, can make the “Plunkett Quarter” the envy of every other retailer in the¬†country¬†!

The Plunkett Quarter initiative can be contacted at                              oliverplunkettbrainstorm@gmail.com.